The R Street Institute leads the #MakingSpace Project in partnership with more than 100 think tanks, universities, foundations, corporate partners, and individuals in an effort to increase the diversity of speakers and experts in the cybersecurity space at events that are hosted or funded by these organizations.

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Diversity is security. With the Making Space pledge, we aim to promote equality and equity in the cybersecurity world—addressing systemic racism and long-standing gender imbalances.

In October 2020, the R Street Institute created the Making Space Pledge in partnership with more than twenty think-tanks, universities, foundations, corporate partners and individuals. Today, more than 100 organizations and individuals have signed the pledge. This group publicly dedicates itself to hosting or supporting panels that represent the wide diversity of scholars and experts in the cybersecurity space––individuals who often do not receive enough public recognition for their work and its impact.

This pledge is just the first step in the ongoing dialogue necessary to create a culture that seeks to nurture talent; elevate a diversity of ideas and individuals; and enhance scholarship within the cybersecurity policy space. Including a broader array of voices in cybersecurity discussions will not only improve them, but will also encourage the involvement of a diverse pool of people and help ensure cybersecurity policy accurately reflects the perspectives and concerns of society at large. Please join us.

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